What we do

Garden Design

Planning and design provides a great opportunity to really understand how your garden can work for you. We will talk to you to find out how you would like to use the space (for example, entertaining, children’s play, growing vegies etc) and how much time you expect to have for garden maintenance. We can then provide you with a plan to be implemented by yourself or by us. If it’s an existing garden that’s not working, we can help you decide what features to retain and what elements need to change.

We apply solar passive design principles to ensure the garden enhances the thermal properties of the house wherever possible; consider the water needs of any proposed planting; and will work to any budget constraints.

Walls – Fences – Screens – Pergolas

If you are after something a little different from the standard Colorbond or Hardiefence options, then we can help. Using a mix of galvanised steel, recycled jarrah, treated pine, galvanised weldmesh and stainless steel balustrade wire, we can create a durable fence and/or trellis that will enhance your garden. We also create retaining walls from limestone blocks, gabion walls (steel mesh enclosing rocks) and beautiful ‘dry stone’ look limestone walls. A fence can often double as a trellis for vines such as native wisteria or passionfruit, adding a lush aspect to any space.

Verge Gardens

Verges need not be barren in summer and weed-infested in winter. A native verge garden enhances a property by extending the front garden beyond the front gate, making the whole property feel larger and more attractive. It is important to consider car-parking and pedestrian use. Using waterwise species and low maintenance natives, we can plant your verge and install drip irrigation for use over the first few summers while the plants are establishing. To connect the reticulation to your water supply, we simply run retic under the footpath.


Preparation (retaining, compacting) of the area to be paved is crucial for lasting, quality paving. We often work with recycled bricks, limestone and other natural stones to great effect. A creative solution using more rustic materials is our specialty.

Edible Gardens

Many people believe growing food is only for ‘green thumbs’. Growing simple vegies like lettuce, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs is easy when the patch has fertile soil and is situated for good sun.

We can install raised corrugated iron or rot/termite resistant cypress pine beds. Some people choose just to farm their beds in the cooler seasons and utilise only rainfall. Others choose to farm year-round and require drip reticulation. Though a little more involved to construct, ‘wicking beds’ have a reservoir of water and gravel beneath the layer of soil to increase productivity and reduce watering needs.

Fruit trees suited to our hot, dry climate and vines such as passionfruit are a great way to fill your fruit bowl as well as get kids outside. Fruit trees such as figs and mulberries are particularly easy to grow when sited correctly.

Native Gardens

Depending on what species are used and how they are combined, native gardens can be striking, architectural, rambling, formal or informal. Put together the right way, native gardens can work with homes of any era.

As they are adapted to local soil, natives are quick to establish and are drought tolerant.

Ponds and Water Features

The sound of running water can turn your garden into a relaxing sanctuary. Careful planning is required for correct siting and construction to ensure a healthy, mosquito-free and low maintenance system.

Waterwise Gardens

An eclectic mix of natives, exotics, hardy edibles and succulents can make for a beautiful, low water use garden. This is an approach we often take for garden renovations where there is a mix of existing planting to be retained. Many succulents and groundcovers can be grown from cuttings supplied by us to reduce costs.


We can advise upon, and install, any kind of reticulation to suit your site and budget, including converting existing spray systems to drip irrigation, greywater system design and installation and rainwater harvesting.

Home Maintenance

Nest Garden + Home also undertakes general property maintenance and repair work including carpentry, plumbing and tiling.  So why not get us to do all those small jobs and avoid the need to source and organise multiple tradespeople.  Some of the work we undertake is as follows:

-Rental property maintenance

-Air BnB property maintenance

-Bathroom renovations and repairs

-General repairs such as gates, doors, windows, letterboxes and gutters

-Reticulation repairs